Thanks for the quick delivery! Our little ‘artwork’ is now flying in our garden with autumn sun setting and the failing sea breeze giving it a workout.
Not bad leaving Utah on Thursday and in use here Tuesday afternoon.Lucia likes it so much she is will most likely be talking to you about another one soon.

Best regards from happy customers

We got the Agave wind sculpture and got it mounted the week before last … looks fantastic, all of my neighbors and passers-by have been commenting on it. I am really impressed with how well packaged it was, and that it arrived so quickly. My wife wants to buy another one! We’ll definitely consider that and recommend you to others. Thanks!

Rudy Phoenix - Arizona

Just wanted to let you know Purolator dropped off The Sail about 30 minutes ago (3:00pm Ontario time). It arrived safe and sound and is up and spinning in our backyard and looks fabulous paired with our Xmas one Wind Dancer. We could not be more pleased! 🙂 Thanks for all your efforts to get it to us.

Jim and Mary - Ontario, Canada

Here it is in the final setting. We are very happy with the whole process and thank you for all your help! It is amazing how little air movement gets it spinning. I’ll let you know if we have any other questions. Of course we are now thinking about another spot in our yard for a second sculpture Thanks again.

Dave & Mary - Camano Island, Washington

The Double Spinner by Lyman Whitaker is amazing!” “We bought the large version from Steffich Fine Art on Salt Spring Island British Columbia” “We have a seven room Inn with Restaurant and Lounge called Salt Spring Inn, where it was installed in our front garden on the Main Street of Ganges.” “Immediately customers were stopping by to have a look and watch it’s mesmerizing antics as the wind changed direction.” It has drawn people into our business and on numerous occasions I have overheard customers deciding to stay longer for another cocktail, to see what motions and variations transpire as the sculpture ‘does it’s thing

B Edwards, Salt Spring Inn - Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada

Here are a couple of pictures of the wind sculptures by our pond. It is so relaxing watching them when a gentle breeze is blowing.  They are a beautiful addition to our backyard.  Someday maybe we will get a really tall one for a spot farther from the house.

Jim and Mary - Ontario, Canada

Our sculptures arrived safely on Thursday when I was actually home to receive them, and we installed them just now. They are magic; we are happy. Thank you.

Friedman - Calgary, AB

My husband and I have recently purchased one of Lyman Whitaker’s wind sculptures and are just loving it. We call it “wind tulip” and have it in our prayer garden, where we can see it from our comfy living room chairs through the windows. It is a gift of grace, very conducive to reflection and quiet joy.

Popov - Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Finally got our HUGE Twister Star in place!  Had an “erection party” to get it done.  We are very pleased.  It has settled into its bearings and moves with hardly a breath of air.

Jon and Ann

I love my Agave sculpture.  It was a challenge getting it back to Australia from Salt Spring Island, but with help from Steffich Fine Art who packed it really well and brought it to Vancouver and the airline letting me take the two big boxes as luggage, it all worked out well.  Now with spring winds most days, it whirls gently in my garden and looks wonderful!

M. Harwood - Sydney, Australia